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How to throw an axe

how to
Step 01
Place both hands on the axe. Firm like you're holding a baseball bat. Make sure the blade is perfectly straight.
how to
Step 02
Bring the axe back, over your head, similar to the motion of throwing a soccer ball over your head. Lean back.
how to
Step 03
Bring the axe forward, in a fast motion and release with your arms extended forward.


Gift certificates

Every Axe Throwing location offers gift vouchers, for a few players to a full private experience. Birthdays, holidays, surprises and everything in between – we've got your gift needs covered. Corporate Events, Team Building, Birthdays, Theme Parties, Bachelor/ettes, Special Events, and more! ceftificate



Are you looking for a memorable team building activity? Or did you want to take out your clients and leave a memorable impression on them? Axe Throwing PCB is the perfect venue to host all your corporate event needs. Regardless of your age, skills or fitness level, our axe throwing coaches teach you how to throw an axe for a fun, exciting & memorable experience.

It’s Something Different
Event organizers frequently come to us to book their unforgettable experience. People are always looking to try something new, cool and different. We fit that description.

You can also come in early if you need to set anything up or require early access to the space to ensure delivery of your food or any other items being delivered.

Axe Throwing Format for Corporate Events
Corporate & team building events last anywhere in between 2 to 3 hours. During this time you’ll have a dedicated axe throwing coach (or several coaches for larger groups) that will walk you through the rules, how axe throwing works, and then begin with practicing and teaching you how to throw an axe.

You will have dedicated axe throwing lanes where you will practice axe throwing. Once you’ve learned the technique, we separate people into teams and host a team-based tournament to crown a winning team. After the team tournament, if time permits, we also host an individual tournament where it’s every man/woman for themselves – where we enter into a final elimination rounds to crown the axe throwing champion within your company.

We’ll make your corporate event completely stress free. If you have any special requests or would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The most popular times for corporate events are during the week but if you’d like a booking on a weekend, please let us know as soon as possible as times do fill up fast so don’t forget to book your axe throwing event today.



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